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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message for the Month of: September

Top (Middle) Card – Unakite: “Answered Prayers”

You’ve been doing great work in forgiving others, releasing hurts, negative energy, and in focusing upon positivity and oneness, all during last month. This positive shift within you is an answer to your own prayers for peace and happiness, that will begin coming into your life during the rest of this month.



Upper (Far Left Card) – Aqua Aura: “Healthy Communication in Relationships”

A renewed strength gives you the courage to talk about your honest feelings, in a loving way that keeps communication open. There will be signs of improvement in existing relationships and/or of a new healthy friendship’s on their way to you. Be sure to keep an open heart and mind in accepting this renewed loving energy and people coming into your life. You deserve positive, loving, and true happiness, and you are at a time in your life, where you are advised to not accept anything less from others.



Upper (Far Right) Card – Yellow Jasper: “Control Issues”

Spirit wants to remind you to not give away your power to others, and to surrender any control issue’s to our God, our Creator, and to the Angels. Remember to focus upon your own energy and actions, instead of fearfully monitoring or trying to control others. Allow them to prove to you their worth by their “own actions”, words, works, and deeds, not just towards you, but towards others as well.


Far (Bottom) Amber: “Give It To God”

Hanging onto or excessive worry, and/or over-thinking on a problem never resolves it. Remember, during times of stress or worries to: “Let Go”, and “Let God” handle the situations, and feel the weight of burden being lifted from you.



Far Right (Bottom) Card – Azurite: “Deep Emotional Healing”

During the rest of this month, you are being guided to devote time for your personal healing work. This may involve appointments with a therapist or a healer, or spending extra time in prayer or meditation, or on self-care practices. Doing any of the above will help you to become more open to receiving healing energy and insights about your recent past experiences.



 Middle Card –  Tiger’s Eye: “Self- Confidence”

As you continue to pray that you “will” be aligned with God’s will, just know that you’ll be an unstoppable force of Divine nature. Don’t worry about whether “you” can do it, to trusting that God is already working through you, you can do anything (go back to school, complete those over do projects, go for that new job position, etc.). You’re safe and protected, as you follow your inner guidance to make positive changes. Learn to trust your intuition, and yourself. You are amazing!



Last (Middle) Card –  Tanzanite: “Ready to Love Again”

You are being guided to be gentle with yourself, and to ease back into your love life. Begin with meeting and dating people through trustworthy sources always. You deserve and are worthy of love. Practice loving and honoring yourself for the rest of this month.


Additional Card –  Charoite: “Spiritual Protection”

If you have been challenged recently or lately with harsh words or actions from others; God and your Guardian Angels want you to know that they are watching over you and your loved ones. Praying to God, Lord Jesus, and calling upon Archangel St. Michael, can help clear and shield you from the lower, negative energies. Remember, all you have to do is “ask” them for protection, and they “will” be there.



Additional Card –  Watermelon Tourmaline: “Stress Reduction”

With all of the stressful energies, and situations from last month, it is all about de-stressing your mind, body, schedule, and so forth, for the rest of this month. Introduce stress-management practices into your daily life, such as prayer, meditation, gentle exercise, time spent in nature, fun hobbies, massage naps, and a chemical free diet.



Additional Card (Last) –  Sapphire: “Easy Does It”

Just a gentle reminder to stay in the present moment and tackle projects one step at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. To help keep you on track, create a daily “time” schedule, and remember to include “down time” for yourself as well.




Sending You Light & Love,
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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