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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message for the Month of: November

Top (Middle) Card – Sage: “Be Devoted and Committed”

Your guides are wanting you to take extra and practice “going within”:, for they are preparing you to become a great and an insightful teacher for others. They are encouraging you to take notes and write down your experiences, your insights, your visions, and your feelings after your meditation practices. This will help you with your observation skills and in becoming more aware of who you “truly are”, and in turn, bringing in more clarity for your decisions in the near future.



Upper (Far Left Card) – Peacekeeper: “Let Go of the Need to Be Right”

If you have been feeling on edge due to a stressful situation, there’s a warrior within you that wants to rise up, prove your point and in getting your truth across. Ahh, but your Ancestors and their wisdom, wants to remind you that the “truth” will always be revealed in the end. It’s more important at this time to avoid arguments or heated discussions where you know you’ll be fighting a losing battle. There is so much more power in choosing to move forward from a higher perspective. Above all – Choose Peace.



Upper (Far Right) Card – Seer: “See Beyond the Current Situation”

Your Spirit Guides are helping you, and are here to remind you to let your “Clairvoyant” gifts within you to rise up so, that you can see the way forward for yourself, with your own spiritual eyes. Angels of Light are upgrading your energy, so your experiences can be more enjoyable. You will be moving towards something extremely uplifting, and enlightening very soon, so stay calm and keep your eyes on the prize.


Far Left (Bottom) Elder: “Move Beyond Ancestral Patterns”

An Ascended Ancestor/Elder has came forward with a message of healing change. This change, is a reclamation of power. An acknowledgement that you have the capacity to move beyond the limitations that have been placed upon you from past and present family members.You are to engage and to practice personal healing for yourself and for your inner spirit. This healing will bring healing to your family lineage, past, present, and future. Know that “you” get to decide what you take on when moving forward, and in what you will leave behind for your own future family lineage.



Far Right (Bottom) Card – Star Ancestor: “Follow the Voice of Your Soul”

The Star Ancestor’s want to remind you that you have Other-wordly and Universal support. There is a much deeper purpose to your human existence here on Earth. You are a bright light; and you may have even had feelings of being drawn in a new direction in your life recently. You are to continue to move forward in this new direction with confidence, for you are being supported and guided in all always.



 Middle Card –  Drum: “Dream and Journey”

You will have or you are having many more opportunities for you to dream. You are connected to the other worlds during this time. The wisdom and intelligence of the Earth, and her magic surrounds you. The Drum, which echoes the sound of Mother Earth’s heartbeat, has cleared and/or will clear the cobwebs and dust from your inner vision. You are being guided to listen to , or to start-up drumming at least once a week to help clear you, your inner vision, and your atmosphere.



Last (Middle) Card –  Mirror Guardian: “Take Time to Reflect”

It is important for you to take time to reflect on your strengths and challenges, and on how far you’ve come. Recognize your gifts, for you are a beautiful being, who has surmounted so many challenges and have expanded in so many ways. Your Angels are now guiding you to take inventory of your life, and of the lessons you have learned so far. Offer yourself approval where it’s due and know that when you give yourself credit, others will be able to as well.



Additional (Side) Card –  Magick Guardian: “Unlock the Magick Within”

You are magick, you are the answer, you have it all within you. You are a powerful and magickal person with the capacity to direct your intentions and will your desires into being. But your power can only be used and even more powerful when you “own it”. Your ability to dedicate yourself to a goal and make it happen is a real gift that you are being guided to recognize now.



Additional (Side – Last) Card –  High Priestess: “Harness Mystic Power”

Remember to align with the light and focus on all things positive for the rest of this month. You will be challenged with negative thoughts and feelings for the rest of this month; know that this is testing you and helping you to also release the negative as well. Within you is a force of magick that is directed by your will. There will be an opportunity for you to rise up, but it requires dedication and discipline. It is very important for you to check-in with your intuition, as it will give you guidance that will be important for your spiritual growth.



Sending You Light & Love,
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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