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Ascended Spirit Message for the Month

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Ascended Spirit Message for the Month of: July


Top (Middle) Card – Topaz: “Forgiveness Heals”
Your guardian Angels, who love you very much and want to help you reach the next positive level in your health and happiness, can see that you are being blocked and held back by repressed anger and resentment. Most likely, you already know what needs to be released, but perhaps you’ve had difficulty letting go. They want to remind you that forgiveness isn’t condoning, accepting, or excusing someone’s behavior.  You don’t have to like the other person or even hang out with them. You just simply need to agree to release their energy from your psyche. Forgive yourself for past actions that you regret as well. Self-blame is as toxic as blaming others. Your guardian Angels want to remind you that harboring anger hurts only you, not the other person. repressed resentment is toxic to your physical, emotional, and financial health. All it takes is a little willingness to forgive and God, Jesus, and the Angels will do all of the rest of the work.


Upper (Far Left Card) – Tanzanite: “Ready To Love Again”The Angels know that you have been under-standably guarded, wary of being hurt again, and you took the necessary time for healing. You may be feeling ready to love again. You are guided to be gentle with yourself, and ease back into your love life. Begin with meeting and dating people through trustworthy sources, such as your religious or spiritual community or your close friends. Avoid scenes that feature any alcohol or drug abuse (for these are lower vibrations). Notice any “red-flag’ warnings about someone’s character. “You can’t hurry love” as you patiently and prayerfully wait for the right person.


Upper (Far Right) Card – Aquamarine: “Divine Life Purpose”
Your Angels want to remind you that your purpose, like everyone else’s, is to love. The form that you choose to express love needs to be based upon what “you” love to do. For example, do you enjoy writing, counseling your friends, being with animals and nature, cooking, artistry, teaching, doing healing work, or conducting research? Following your heart will lead you in the right direction. Yes, you may need to use your head to do some planning and partner up with others who have strengths complementary to your own. God, and your guardian Angels are reassuring you that the love you feel is a sign that this path of action “is” your life purpose.


Far (Bottom) Left Card- Moldavite: “Unconventionally”
Remember that “your unique qualities” are a part of your life purpose. It’s possible that you have been teased or even felt excluded for being different. Perhaps you’ve even tried to change yourself to fit in and be “normal”. Yet, doing so is betraying who you are, and ignoring the blessings and gifts of your authentic self. If it seems that your opinions and thinking style are not the same as those of other people, this is a sign of your creative ability. You have inventive, fresh ideas, and talents that the world needs. You see things in a new way, which will inspire others out of their stagnation. Seek out other unconventional people so that you won’t feel so alone. You may encounter like-minded people at clubs, conventions, and other gatherings focusing upon areas aligned with your interests.



Far Right (Bottom) Card – Diamond: “Value Your Self-Worth”

If you have been under strain recently, or in a significant period of your life, all the stresses or trauma you’ve endured has made you who you are. Although you have been through a lot, God’s strength has always supported you, and always will. It is time for you to recognize how valuable you are. Beginning today, treat yourself with kindness and fairness. This may even mean developing an assertive style of communication, where you show yourself respect and teach others to respect you too.



 Middle Card –  Garnet: “Purification and Detoxification”
The Angels come forward to validate what you’ve already been sensing: “it’s time to release physical and energetic toxins from your life. In particular, this is a necessary change to support your health. Perhaps you have been receiving inner Divine guidance to enjoy a clean – energy diet or to abstain from chemicals. Or, maybe you are feeling called to avoid harsh energy in relationships, on social media, in your daily activities, or in the media. This is a supportive time for you to make this healthful shift. Reach out for qualified help if addictions are creating uncontrollable cravings. Prayer, meditation, and affirmations can also help you purify your motivations and intentions so that they are inspired from your higher self instead of your ego. With higher vibrational intentions, your manifestations will be more fulfilling and satisfying.



Last (Middle) Card –  Gold: “Divine Intervention”
Your guardian Angels want you to know that you can expect a “miracle” to help with a situation you’re concerned about. Prayers for multiple people have been heard and are being answered. Many prayers are answered by God, which may involve giving you a set of instructions to take action steps, which will bring about the blessed outcome. So do keep your mind clear and sober so that you won’t miss noticing them. Create quiet space as well, so that you can hear your inner voice of God.


Additional (Far Right – Side) Top Card –  Unakite: “Answered Prayer”

You’ve been doing great work recently to forgive, release, and focus upon positivity and oneness. Because God respects your free-will choices, by choosing the healing path of love, you have opened the doorway for your prayers to be answered. God hears and answers all prayers, and does not discriminate. However, if we have shut down our heart’s to God’s connection, we may not hear the whispered answers. A negative focus also casts doubt upon the likely – hood of Divinely guided plans working, lessening our faith. Your Angels have noticed that you have shifted to a conscious connection with God’s pure healing love. You are praying with sincerity and a willingness to be guided and helped. This positive shift within you is an answer to your own prayers for peace and happiness. The external circumstances will now shift accordingly, as they are uplifted to the highest and best outcome.



Additional Card – Yellow Jasper: “Control Issues”

You may be experiencing a power struggle with someone, or you may be feeling not in control of your life. This can be very frustrating and draining, the more you continue with this tug-of-war. Remember that you were made in God’s image and likeness, and therefore, you are naturally filled with the strength of God. Don’t give your power to others, and surrender any control issue’s to God. Who can peacefully heal and balance this situation. Focus upon your own energy and actions, instead of fearfully monitoring others.



Additional Card – Amber: “Give It To God”

There’s an issue weighing you down, and this burden could be lifted by you giving it to God. You don’t have to deal with this situation alone, as Divine help is readily available. Perhaps you forgot, or maybe you are unsure how, to “let go” an “let God” handle this situation. Asking for help to let this go, with whatever words are sincere, will help greatly.



Sending You Light & Love,
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message for the Month of: June

Top (Middle) Card – Medicine Wheel: “Oneness, Inner Growth, Contemplation”
Spirit’s message is for you to take time to go “within”, and find your sacred space to become one with the Creator, and pray for guidance, and for the healing you need. This is a time of quiet contemplation and inner growth for you. Rest your body, mind, spirit, and gather up the energy needed to move on to the next stage upon the wheel; your own spiritual growth for the rest of this month.

Your Prayer: Here at the center of the wheel (my inner Divineness) I look to you, Great Spirit, to help me better understand my place in this life. To learn to see how I fit into the fabric of creation and to honor your gifts by sharing them with others along the way.


Upper (Far Left Card) – Frogs Return Moon: “Building Dreams, Determination, Cooperation”
This will be the perfect time for you to begin or build upon your plans and career goals for the rest of this month. The guides are giving you extra energy, stamina, determination, and mental clarity to successfully plan, build, and create what you desire. Remember to be flexible and accept help and valuable input along the way. Working with others will help you reach your destination faster. Channel any of your inner stubbornness into determination. Work towards your dreams with a group mind attitude. Whether that group is your family, friends, co-workers, their love and support will help you reach your dreams.

Your Prayer: Great Spirit, help me to have the courage and the strength to build my dreams, and to accept the loving support of others along the way.


Upper (Far Right) Card – Big Winds Moon: “Leadership, Self-Discipline, Psychic Abilities”
Spirit wants to remind you and validate that you “are” psychically connected to the spiritual realm. Your psychic abilities are very strong. Your intuitions are very much in tune with your higher self. Allow this connection to help you on your path. Spirit has seen you procrastinate long enough. Stop self-sabotaging, as it not only limits your potential, but feeds your insecurities. Channel your creative inspiration and learn to flow with the spiritual energies around you. Take your place of power. Have faith, trust, and belief in yourself.

Your Prayer: I am ready, Great Spirit, to share the bounty of my life with others. I call upon the powerful Divine energies, for the courage to be a leader and to use my abilities wisely for the good of the whole.


Far (Bottom) Left Card- Grandmother Moon: “Self Reflection, Inner Rhythms, Intuition”
You are to trust your instincts when it comes to matters of the heart. The rest of this month, you are to explore and practice knowing your body’s own natural rhythms. Learn to become one with the creative power within you. Your psychic abilities are strengthening now, so pay close attention to the messages around you. Take as much time as you need to delve into your inner self, so you can learn to make the most of your natural creative rhythms.

Your Prayer: I take necessary time to learn of my body’s natural rhythms. I honor you, Great Mother Spirit, for teaching me to become one with the creative power within me.



Far Right Bottom – Card – Budding Trees Moon: “Expectation, Process, Goals”
Spirit wants to remind you to set realistic goals. It is also time of preparation. Call upon the drive and ambition of the Great Spirit to assist you when needed. Channel the Divine energy around you.

Your Prayer: Great Spirit, help me to set realistic expectations for myself by taking time to honor the process and prepare for my future with confidence.



 Middle Card –  Mother Earth: “Creative Feminine Force, Nurturing, Birth”
You are to open up to feel the complete truth of your life now. You must be willing to experience the painful as well as the joyful moments to fully emerge. Reaching that magical point of renewal, allows the heart to expand towards the light. Through the expression of our emotions, we are able to tap into our true feminine nature and appreciate our connection to all living things.

Your Prayer: I call upon the energies of Mother Earth to help me to accept and express my true feminine nature. I honor all beings with the gift of motherly compassion that is innate within me.



Last (Middle) Card –  Freeze Up Moon: “Identity, Self Discovery, Vulnerability”
Spirit knows and understands that it is always not easy in letting go of outworn roles to thus, revealing your true identity. It is very easy to get caught-up in playing the roles prescribed by others. However, if you continue to play along, sacrificing your true self, sooner or later you will lose yourself. Spirit is offering you an opportunity to get back in touch with your inner self. Courage and patience are required to let go of the roles that have been smothering your inner light. Shedding the old may leave you feeling somewhat vulnerable. The people around you, who have grown accustomed to your old roles, may resist this change. Remember this is “their” fear and uncertainty, not yours. Stand firm. Listen to your higher self and let it guide you along your path of self-discovery. Now is the time to let go of the roles that limit your potential and take up the call to explore and express your true self.

Your Prayer: Great Spirit, help me to have the courage and the faith to believe in myself and to be thankful for the gifts you have given me.


Additional (Far Right – Side) Top Card –  Earth Renewal Moon: “Greater Responsibility, Inner Knowing, Teaching”

You have recently mastered some area in your life. Having triumphed over opposition, now is the time for you to share your newfound wisdom. The greatest teachers are those who teach with compassion, bringing forth some expression of their heart to open another’s vision. The hardest part of being a teacher is to offer your wisdom, then stand back without judging, and allow the students to follow their own paths.

Your Prayer: Great Spirit, guide me to teach others with an open heart. Help me have the compassion and integrity to offer my wisdom and support in a gentle, loving way.



Additional Card – Stone of Self: “Inner Power, True Self, Potential”

We are all born with a purpose and the opportunities to fulfill it. Recognize that your true power comes from discovering and using your potential to make a positive contribution to the world. Spirit calls upon you now to share your gifts with others. The gifts you are born with never leave you. Nurture your strengths. Recognize and appreciate what you can do when you are aligned with your true self. This is where you are meant to be, so look beyond your self and your fears.

Your Prayer: Help me, Great Spirit, to see beyond my own needs to that of all my relations, and the world. Guide me to claim my true power by developing and sharing my gifts with others in a loving manner.



Additional Card – Illumination: “Divine Communication, Spiritual Knowing, Inner Light”

You have a strong connection to the Divine. Your spirit guides and angelic protectors are close by and are communicating with you. Soak up this feeling of peace that comes from their unconditional loving energy. They are signalling their approval and assurance that you are on the right path. Opportunities come for you to be a builder of light and to share your knowledge of spirit with others. All living creatures seem unusually attracted to the inner light you project. Trust your higher self to guide you as you help yourself and others in a quiet, loving way.

Your Prayer: Great Spirit, I feel safe and content in knowing my spiritual guidance and guides are with me. I keep myself open to the flow of the Divine life force that surrounds me. Let me assist others where I can and feel blessed by this heavenly energy.



Sending You Light & Love,
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle


Ascended Spirit Message for the Month of: May

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Top (Middle/Center) – Watermelon Tourmaline (“Stress Reduction”): The Angels are aware that there is a need to de-stress your mind, body, schedule, and so forth. You already know which life areas are triggering your elevated stress levels, you are being encouraged to introduce stress-management practices into your daily life, such as prayer and meditation, gentle exercise, time spent in nature, fun hobbies, massage, and naps. They are wanting you to take charge, and practice de-stressing for the rest of this month.


Upper (Far Left) – Rhodochrosite (“Be gentle With Yourself”): Your Guardian Angels know that you have been through a lot over the past few months, and have seen you pushing yourself. They are asking you to take time to rest, recover, and recharge. Your heart needs time to mend from old traumas, triggered, and compounded by recent experiences. Please “honor” yourself by getting extra sleep and avoiding anything or anyone with harsh or negative energy. Call upon Archangel Raphael before you fall asleep (within your mind), and ask him to help, by sending healing energy throughout your body during your sleep time. Remember to say thank you.


Upper (Far Right) – Ametrine (“Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies”): If you feel like you are “stuck” in your masculine energy because of a competitive or stressful work or family situation; Perhaps you even feel like you’ve had to do battle, or be extra vigilant. Remember that prayers and Chakra work can help bring about balancing your masculine and feminine energies to help with bringing down, and even helping you with managing your stress.


Lower (Far Bottom Left) – Malachite (“Prosperity”): A positive shift in your flow of Divine support. This could refer to meeting your needs financially, emotionally, or in some other way. All previous blocks are lifted, because you’ve released old anger and fears, and are now focused upon faith and taking guided action. Continue on this Path of positive thinking and following your Divine guidance, and you can expect to see even greater numbness of opportunities arising and experience deeper fulfillment.


Lower (Far Bottom Right) – Moldavite (“Unconventionality”): The Higher Angelic realms, along with your guardian angels, want to remind you that, your unique qualities are a part of your life purpose. It’s possible that you may have been teased or even felt excluded for being different. Your opinions and thinking style are not the same as those of other people, and this is a sign of your creative ability; you have inventive, fresh ideas, and talents that the world needs. You are so important, you are needed, you are loved, and you are adored highly, by the Angelic kingdom.


Center (Middle) – Lapis Lazuli (“Life Changing Epiphany or Experience”): Changes are coming, with blessings, and new opportunities supporting your progress in learning and growing. You will soon be making a life-changing decision, creating boundaries, and ‘speaking – up” more for the rest of this month. My dear, it is long over due!


Bottom (Center – Last) – Rose Quartz (“Love Life”): Your prayers for love have been heard and answered. A bliss of new love or feelings of renewed love will be coming in for you this month. The Angels are guiding you towards falling back in love for yourself and for life itself. You are being asked to focus on loving yourself, your blessings, and what you are grateful for, to allow more loving feelings and opportunities to flow into your life. 



Additional Message: You have been receiving guidance about your spiritual path, including intuitive ideas about which communal settings would provide support and friendship. Spiritual groups are also powerful because, of the energy of joined prayer, which lifts everyone up. Now it’s time for you to take the next step and attend the spiritual meetings as you are guided to do so.


Sending Everyone an Abundance of Many Blessings & Extra Love;

Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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