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Ascended Spirit Message For The Month of: March

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Top (Middle/Center) – Tanzanite (“Ready to Love Again”): Spirit is acknowledging that you have gone through much needed healing in your heart area, and you are now ready to receive in even more love. You are still being guided to be gentle with yourself, and to slowly ease into your love life. If they are truly wanting to be in your life, they will show you gentleness, patience, and unconditional love to begin the process of building a firm foundation of trust.

Upper (Far Left) – Fluorite (“Natural Beauty & Authenticity”): The Angels are telling you it is time to be “you”; wonderful, amazing, and beautiful, just as our God, Our Creator, created you to be. You may have even noticed that you are beginning to detach from “people pleasing”, or even worrying about other’s approval lately. You are being asked to embrace and love your “true self”, and to own who you truly are from now on.

Upper (Far Right) – Malachite (“Prosperity”): A positive shift of Divine support is on it’s way to you this month. All previous blocks are being lifted away. Continue on the path of positive thinking and following your Divine guidance, and you can expect to see a great number of opportunities arising before you.

Lower (Far Bottom Left) – Citrine (“Unnecessary Worries”): Our God, Our Creator and your Guardian Angels are lifting burdens from your mind, heart, and body. You’re guided to notice the present moment and on how your body “feels”. Become mindful of your body – “feelings”, and take action upon them. Are you due for a check-up with your doctor? Is your body longing for more exercise, stretching, or even more rest? Becoming more mindful of your body, is also part of honoring, respecting, and loving yourself in all ways.

Lower (Far Bottom Right) – Amber (“Give It To God”): Spirit wants to remind you to give all fears, worries, and stresses to God. Remember to “Let Go”, and “Let God” handle the situation. Hanging onto a problem never resolves it, and actually can make it worse. God knows how to solve problems, just remember to let go and give it to God, because our free – will choices are always respected.

Center (Middle) – Watermelon Tourmaline (“Stress Reduction”): This month, it’s all about de-stressing our mind, body, schedule, and so on. God and the Guardian Angels are empowering you to reduce all these stresses in your life, by taking charge of your daily schedule and surroundings. They are encouraging you to introduce stress management practices into your daily life, such as prayer, meditation, gentle exercise, time spent in nature, fun hobbies, massage, naps, and a chemical free diet. As you begin to work on these things, you’ll begin to feel and notice a difference in your life, bringing in more “peace” into your over-all being.

Bottom (Center) – Apophyllite (“Increased Support”): You will be receiving increased support, so that your needs are met. This support may take the form of abundance, emotional, comfort, or relief from some of your responsibilities, giving you more time to focus upon your priorities. God and your Angels have heard and is answering your prayers, which involves you receiving intuition or ides to take positive action. Be sure to do so, so that you won’t miss the blessings being offered to you

Additional Card – Charoite (“Spiritual Protection”): The Higher Angelic realm wants to reassure you that you are being protected, and that your prayers have been heard and answered. It appears that someone is challenging you, and God and the Angels, want you to know that they are watching over you, and your loved ones.Some emotional or physical issue’s could be stemming from “psychic attack”, in which someone is sending anger or jealous energy your way. Praying to God, Jesus, and calling upon Archangel St. Michael, can help clear and shield you. Visualize yourself in a protective bubble of Royal Purple light, which id God’s Divine radiance that only allows love to enter and exit your sphere. This purple light will bounce away negative energy and transmute it into healing love for both you and the “attacker”.

Additional Card – Sugilite (“Own Your Divine Power”): Our God, Our Creator wants to remind you that you are and were made in the image and likeness of it’s own. So you have the power of God always within you. This is a time for assertiveness on your part, including holding boundaries and saying no to unreasonable requests for your time, money, or other resources. Assertiveness helps you honor and follow your inner guidance, which is the path of harmony, and health.

Sending Everyone an Abundance of Many Blessings & Extra Love;

Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

6728 W. Morgan Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53220