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Ascended Spirit Message

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The Ascended Spirit Message for the Month of November


Top Middle Card: “Raise or Promotion” – If you are self-employed, this is a reminder that it’s appropriate and healthy to give yourself a raise. You do not need to invest every bit of profit back into your business. You are allowed to reap the rewards of all of your hard work. Prioritizing yourself ensures that you continue to strive toward innovation, prevents burnout, and reminds you that “you” are a person who deserves happiness. If you are not self-employed, asking for a raise or a promotion, can seem intimidating. Yes, it certainly isn’t without risks, but being complacent and never speaking up also poses a risk. Namely, that you will not receive that promotion because you did not ask for it.



Far Upper Left Card: “Clearing Debts” – When we ask the Angels of Abundance for an easy and effective method by which to pay off debts, they passed on the following: Calculate the total amount you are paying per month for all of your debts. Continue paying this amount to your credit card, immediately stop increasing your credit-card balance, and soon you will have paid off at least one of your debts. The secret is that you never pay less per month than you are right now, and you pay that same amount to a smaller and smaller pool of lenders. The Angels are encouraging you to keep up the good work of clearing up all of your debts.


Far Upper Right Card: “Visualize Abundance in All Forms” – Whatever you imagine is what you can and will experience. The Angels guide you to visualize your desires instead of your fears. Everything that you’ve been visualizing is in a thought-form of energy around you. Angels, Clairvoyants, and Sensitive people, can discern these thought – forms, because they are real energy masses that take the shape of what you’re visualizing. When you are visualizing a desire, it helps to have a physical representation. This can be a picture that you cut out of a magazine, a model of a car you desire, or even a clay sculpture that you make yourself. The Angels are asking you to make yourself a vision board, and to start visualizing your desires on a daily or nightly basis.


Far Bottom Left Card: “It is Safe for You to Receive” – You are being asked to recognize and over-come a block to abundance; namely, worrying about “how” your prayers will be answered. Worries can prevent us from opening ourselves up to a flow of Divine support, slowing down the manifestation of your desires. When we “let go and let God” take over, we are then enforcing our trust in the Divine Creator.


Far Bottom Right Card: “Clean Energy – Food” – The Angels want to remind you of the importance of fueling your mind and body with “clean – energy food”, which means unprocessed, chemical – free nutrition that’s natural and organic. When we fuel our body with high vibration foods, we then radiate at a higher vibration. This higher vibration then helps us to manifest our goals and desires more quickly as well.


Middle Card: “Windfall of Abundance” – Paying attention to Divine guidance, your intuition, and signs from heaven is the best way to hasten the arrival of windfalls coming your way. God and the Angels can’t directly intervene into your life, but they can give you subtle nudges in the right direction. Sudden bursts of inspiration, an unexplained desire to travel, or even an impulse to contact someone can be a sign that will directly unlock this financial windfall coming your way.


Bottom Last Card: “Sever Vows of Poverty” – If you have chronically negative patterns with respect to your finances and relationships, it’s helpful to release their hold over your life. It’s a matter of saying aloud, or silently: “I hereby sever and release any vows of poverty, self-denial, self-sacrifice, or chastity that I may have made in any life-time, and I ask that all effects of those vows be forever undone in all directions of time for everyone involved”. As soon as you do so, you should notice improvements in your abundance flow and in relationships. You only need to sever vows one time, and their effects are lifted.


Additional Card: “Release Resentments About Money” – The Angels want to remind you that resentment is a negative affirmation that blocks your manifestations and abundance flow, because it sends out the energetic signal that you don’t have enough and that others are to blame. Take back your power by affirming that “you” are your own economic system. Align your beliefs about money in a more positive direction by thinking about all the good you can do, as you allow yourself to receive abundance.


Additional Card: “Donations, Tithing, & Charitable Work” – One way to open up the flow of abundance, is to give away what you’d like to receive (within reason of course). So, in order to have more time, volunteer for a worthy cause. To get more love, offer it to others. To manifest material items, donate some articles to charity. To receive money, make a financial gift as you are Divinely guided. “Tithing” is the practice of giving 10% of your income either to a spiritual or religious organization that you are a member of, or to a charity that you feel is benefiting the planet. The “key” is to give with a joyful heart, without expecting anything in return. God and the Universe will ensure that the energetic output is balanced in the best way, so you need not worry about reciprocity. The more you’re open to giving and receiving, the steadier your flow of all forms of abundance.


Additional Card: “Detox your Friendships” – The people in our lives can influence our energy, outlook, and manifestation abilities. The first individuals who come to mind, are those who are influencing your current situation. Trust your intuition on this. Perhaps it’s not the people themselves, but your feelings about them that are distracting you. It’s time to take an honest inventory of how you feel about the people in your life, including social – media friends. If someone is impacting your self-esteem or ability to focus, it’s time to question whether the relationship is toxic. When you release an unhealthy relationship, you make room in your heart and schedule to welcome new healthy relationships. And, of course, your positive relationship with yourself and with God is essential to health, happiness, and abundance.



Sending You an Abundance of Many Blessings,
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle


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