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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message: January – 2018!



Top (Middle) Card – Clarity : Spirit Path of the East

Your Message: A new beginning and a breakthrough will be occurring for you this month. You will begin to see how the past experiences that you have gone through, and endured, has now matured you as a whole. This wisdom that you have gained from these past experiences, has also strengthen you from within. Trust your judgement in making decisions from this time forth; for a veil has been lifted and you are now ready to let go of the things that have kept you from living out your truth.


Your Prayer: Our Great Creator, I thank you for the clarity that is returning to my life. Because of this breakthrough, I can feel my trust and confidence growing. I am ready to embrace this new found truth.



Upper (Far Left) Card – The Great Star Nation 

Your Message: As you look beyond yourself, and focus towards a greater service now, will be returned as rewards upon you. Good fortune is cast within the stars for you this month. A wish you have long been hoping for, will soon become reality. Accept this gift with open arms, for you have worked hard for it.


Your Prayer: I thank the Great Star Nation for the gift of good fortune that is with me now. I am aware that it is only by being humble that I am able to experience the inner peace, and serenity that comes from touching the sacred space.



Upper (Far Right) Card – Harvest Moon 

Your Message: This is a time of abundance for you. All of your past hard work has or will soon be paid off.  For the rest of this month, gather knowledge, courage, or even rest for the months ahead. Prepare your own way, for if you use all your energy helping others, you will be facing a dry well.


Your Prayer: Great Spirit, thank you for the gifts I receive in my life. I take this time to gather up what I need to prepare for the changes to come.



Lower (Far Left) Card – East : Wabun

Your Message: Opportunities are coming your way, so be bold in seizing them. No matter where our past has taken us, we always have the choice to begin anew. Every day holds opportunity for growth, and every moment is a gift of life.


Your Prayer: Spirit powers of the East, fill my heart with the illumination of the rising sun. Help me to accept the opportunities for growth that are coming my way. The seeds I plant today, will be the future for generations to come. Let me be mindful of the energy I put into my thoughts and into my life.



Lower (Far Right) Card – Ripe Berries Moon 

Your Message: Owning your own power comes from accepting and creating abundance through gentle perserverance  and strength of will. You are encouraged to explore your softer feminine side from deep within, and bring your emotions to the surface. Face them with an open nurturing heart and express them with strength and stability. Find a balance from within, and when you have reached an emotional calm, your intuition will once again find it’s own voice. 


Your Prayer: Help me to have courage and strength, Great Spirit, to confront lessons as they arise and to accept the rewards for my accomplishments.




Middle (Center) Card – West : Mudjekeewis

Your Message: Whenever you are feeling drained of energy, this signals a time of retreat, a journey within, to rest your body, mind, and spirit. Enter the silence, where dreams are born, for healing to occur at the deepest level. Listen to the heartbeat of our Great Mother and feel the pulse of oneness that is the blood of her very existence. Pray for guidance you need and be sure to thank the spirit for the answers you receive.


Your Prayer: Spirit powers of the West, guide me on my journey into the silence where I may feel the spirit of my dreams come to life. Help me to replenish my energy, so that I may move into a more balanced and harmonious state of mind.


Bottom (Center) Card – Wisdom : Spirit path of the East

Your Message: A teacher may be appearing in your life, so give him/her the honor and the respect deserved. Wisdom is a gift that should never be taken lightly. Look for teachings everywhere around you for the rest of this month; like an owl observing quietly from a distance. Doing so, you will receive many things of great value, and then by sharing these gifts of wisdom, the balance of spiritual justice will once again be even.


Your Prayer: Great Spirit, I open my heart to the teachings that are all around me and I am thankful for the wisdom that I receive. I am aware there is a spiritual law governed by a higher power that exists on the principles of unconditional love compassion.




Additional Card – Creator

Your Message: There is a strong desire for change and redirection in your life. Here, you are given the gift of awareness. A hidden truth may be revealed to you, or a new understanding will be unveiled to you in the near future. Connect with the oneness of Great Spirit through prayers and beliefs. Co-create the hopes and dreams you have envisioned by experiencing change and letting go of whatever is no longer serving your highest good. If you have faith in Great Spirit and in yourself, you can overcome any obstacle towards change.


Your Prayer: With the greatest honor, I open myself to the complete truth of who I am. I trust, Great Spirit, that you will assist me on my path. Help me to build my dreams and develop my potential for the higher good.



Additional Card – Cleansing: Spirit Path of the North

Your Message: Cleansing means detoxifying on every level; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Over time, burdens create negativity and fatigue, which continues to build if we do not release them and breathe our way into a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Cleansing yourself will make room for more positive, healthier energy flow.


Your Prayer: I open my mind, body, and spirit to the cleansing I need. Through the release of my burdens, I am more open to the love and support of myself, and others.




Additional (Last) Card – Stone of Self

Your Message: We are all born with a purpose and the opportunities to fulfill it. Recognize that your true power comes from discovering and using your potential to make a positive contribution to the world. Spirit calls on you to share your gifts with others. Nurture your strengths. Recognize and appreciate what you can do when you are aligned with your true self.


Your Prayer: Help me, Great Spirit, to see beyond my own needs to that of all my relations, and the world. Guide me to claim my true power by developing and sharing my gifts with others in a loving manner.



Wishing Everyone a Safe, Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, & Blessed Holiday & New Year’s!

With All My Love,

Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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