“If you believe in Angels and want guidance from them, look no further. Serelle has genuine connection to the angels. No pretending here. Move over, Doreen Virtue.”
~Lymon D.

“My experience with Serelle was awesome! She is a truly gifted Tarot and Angelic card reader. My reading was extremely detailed and accurate. Her natural psychic abilities added even more credibility to my reading. I highly recommend Serelle to anyone who is looking for a “real” reader.”
~ Michele B.

“Serelle is by far the most caring, reasonable, understanding, realistic, and professional Spiritual Advisor I have ever met. I strongly recommend her for “Spiritual” healing and guidance to anyone who is in need of such assistance. She is a “true” professional at her craft, and it comes from the heart.”
~ Phil D.

“Not only does she make sense, she is down to earth, understanding, and a marvelous reader. I highly recommend Serelle to anyone looking for insight and answers.”
~ Dan H.

” I found my reading with Serelle very informative. She validated a lot of personal feelings and experiences with my own gifts and abilities. She helped me to move forward with my own hunches and future goals by, helping me to empower myself with faith, belief, confidence, and staying true to myself. I highly recommend Serelle to friends, co-workers, and family members.”
~ Angel S.

“Serelle is Awesome!! A truly gifted reader and Spiritual Advisor. I have always been very satisfied with all of the services that she offers. She has been blessed with a “gift” and chooses to use it wisely and for the good. I definitely recommend Serelle to my friends and family members. God Bless you Serelle, and thank you.”
~ Pamela W.

“My reading with Serelle was great! I received a lot insight and validations about my feelings that my great great grandmother is with me. I feel a lot better about what I need to do in my life, to move forward on a positive path. Serelle confirmed my decisions are the right ones for me.”
~ Doneta H.

“Serelle was very insightful to my previous lives,. She made connections between my past and present lives during my reading. She was also very intuitive towards my present and future goals, ensuring me to move forward on them. I was very satisfied with my reading.”
~ Noelle S.

“The level of service at Ascended Gifts, Llc is fantastic. Having been a customer and a client for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
~ Mary K.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a Spiritual Advisor you can trust. Serelle and her spiritually based shop, Ascended Gifts, Llc was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service and the positive energy I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
~ Lorita M.

” If you definitely want to know that you are receiving true guidance, and messages from your Angels, and/or Loved ones; I highly recommend anyone looking for a “professional” and “thorough” reading, to contact Serelle.”
~ Randy M.

” I have gone to many psychics, mediums & intuitive readers over the years, and with that said; I am very picky about who I go to and select for a reading. Serelle is by far one of the “BEST” I have had a reading session with. She is “AMAZING”! Right on target with everything and all of the messages that came through, are clear and true. I had an “Angel Oracle” card reading with her, and she already told me a few things that I already knew during the reading (which proved to me she “is” legit), and some messages that I did not, which was wonderful. The guidance that you get in her reading session is worth “EVERY” penny. So, go see Serelle today! Sending you all love & blessings!”
~ Alexi M.

” I would definitely recommend an Angel reading with Serelle, for anyone who is feeling lost or in need of direction, validation, or confirmation. I found Serelle to be a friendly and patient practitioner, especially for us “first-time” receivers.”
~ Deanna N.

“I would definitely recommend an Ascension Reiki Healing from Serelle to others. Her “healing” was such a unique experience. Serelle is a gentle and a very kind practitoner.”
~ Deanna N.

” Serelle is an exceptional reader, she hits the mark each time that I receive one from her. I am also a reader and I was amazingly impressed by the level of her skills and her accuracy. She is an honest, caring and insightful reader.”
~ Donna L.

” I received an Ascension Reiki Healing from Serelle. I recommend her to anyone who is in need of de-stressing, for I never felt so relaxed and the most amazing experience of lightness during her treatment.”
~ Ana P.

” The Tarot reading that I received from Serelle was incredible, insightful and I felt like, that I received a clear message and answer to my question. I will certainly come back and I will definitely recommend Serelle to my friends and family. Thank you so much!”
~ Estephanie M.

” I would highly recommend Serelle for a Tarot and an Angelic Reading! I’ve been back numerous times, as she is very insightful, down to earth and explains to me what the cards have revealed during my readings with her!”
~ Mary B.

” Hi, Serelle; Just dropping you a line to let you know, that I came across the notes that I took during my reading with you several weeks ago. You were spot on! I’m looking forward to my next reading with you!”
~ Celia M.

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