About Ascended Gifts

Guided and “prodded” by my Spiritual Guides; we opened on April 5th, 2012! Ascended Gifts, LLC is where you can find a wide range of all religious and spiritual beliefs. We carry various products beginning with Angelic and ending in Zen. We base our shop and our “hand selected” High Ascension spiritual products on positive light and love.
From Angelic Bibles, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Astrology, Crystals, Fairies, Native American, Numerology, Eastern (Buddhism, Hindu, etc..), Pagan, through Wicca. We also carry various Meditation Music Cd’s, Candles, Rosaries, Crucifixes, Crosses, Blessing & Anointing Oils, Incense,  Herbs, Smudging Tools, Tarot Decks, Oracle Decks, and a wide range of Spiritual books.

Our Spiritual Shop is based on the belief that our customers’ “spiritual” needs are of the utmost importance. We believe in helping others to continue along on their own spiritual path, by continuing our own spiritual studies and advancement in the Spiritual Arts.

Ascended Gifts, LLC we walk, talk, practice, study, and share our gifts towards those who seek our help, or who are in need of direction in finding their own spiritual pathway, on a daily basis.
We don’t pretend, steal from others, copy from others, nor “dabble” in our spiritual studies, nor in our works. We are Honored, & Blessed to be connected too, & directed by our Guides, & Our Ancestors/Elders. Everything you see on our shelves/bookcases (as far as study materials/tools…i.e.: Books, etc..), is based off of our “own” personal studies & years of practice. We have been awarded Lifetime Accreditation By The Council of Holistic Healers, and  by The World Metaphysical Association Board (To View Our Documents/Awards and our ID Numbers Please, Visit us @ our Ascended Gifts, LLC 6726 W. Morgan Ave. Wellness Center).

We offer the following services to our clients and to our customers (just to name a few): Angelic Oracle card  readings, Tarot readings, Angelic & Ascension Reiki Aura & Chakra Clearing,  Home Cleansings & Blessings, Stress Relief Classes, Wicca  Classes, Yoga Classes, Spiritual Ascension gatherings, World Healing Prayer, Ascension Reiki Healings, etc.

Note: All of the above services are by Appointment and offered Class Schedules Only.
The offered “services”, “classes”, and “readings” are to be paid to “that” service provider, and payments are accepted in “Cash Only” (no credit cards or personal checks accepted). ** If you MUST  pay for your reading and/or “spiritual service” by Credit and/or Debit card, an additional $5.00 processing fee will be added.**
Our entire “Earth Angel” team is committed to meeting your spiritually based needs as best as we can. We dedicate ourselves to continue to learn, study, and to teach others. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. We value all  “spiritual”  levels,  and welcome various “Spiritual Artists” to come visit us and share your gifts. For more information about the products and the services offered, please call our business phone number listed below, or you may visit us on our Facebook business page.
Note: Ascended Gifts sincerely cares about “you” as an individual and as a customer/client; and “if” there is any pending severe weather (i.e. Storms, Ice, Heavy Snow, etc..), Ascended Gifts will remain “closed” until the danger has passed, and will re-open the following “normal” business day. Thank you, for your cooperation in this matter.
6728 W. Morgan Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53220

Tues. thru Sat.: 10AM until 6:30PM

Sun. & Mon.: Closed