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Monthly Crystal Grid Layout

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Crystal Grid Layout for the Month of: November

“Changes & Protection”


Crystals Used:



Rainbow Moonstone

Black Obsidian (Ram)


November Correspondences


Crystal/Stone: Topaz, Citrine

Animal: Snake, Eel

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Ruling Planet: Pluto, Mars


 Brief info about Crystal Grids:

Crystal grids consist of healing stones placed in concise geometric arrangements in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose. The properties of the stones and crystals used, combined with their placement, creates a unique energy frequency that can be used to enhance your intention. By combining crystals and stones with Sacred Geometry, the language of the Universe, you can directly communicate with the Universal Source. In this way, your message gets through in a way that is “crystal clear”, aiding in manifesting, healing, and much more.

Sending an Abundance of Many Blessings of White Light & Love

Blessings, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: November


Top (Middle) – Indriel

Your Angelic Guides want to remind you that, “you are a lightworker”. And, as such, you have always had a burning desire to make the world a better place for all. Whether you are aware, or realize it or not, you are often called into service during ordinary circumstances, such as when you’re shopping for groceries and someone needs your help. Currently, your life’s mission is expanding so that you can reach even more people. This will require for you to make some life changes, that you’ll learn about through your own inner guidance. For the rest of this Month, you are being prepared to help more people after you have made your own personal changes, and have gone through your own personal tests as well.



Upper (Far Left Card) – Sonya

Dearest one, your heart may still be holding onto grief from loss of a loved one, that you held dear. You may even be holding onto grief and loss from a friendship, or even a relationship. Know that this is a normal feeling and experience. The love that you hold within your heart remains, and will serve you well in letting go of fear, worry, and guilt. Use this eternal love, and shower yourself with it, to allow your releasing and own healing to begin.



Upper (Far Right) Card – Celeste

This is a positive message about moving into a new home, or even new employment opportunities happening for you. The Angels are working behind the scenes for you, to assure that this transition is a smooth one for you. This is also a reminder for you to make time for yourself, and to honor your body with more movement. With the cold Months entering, it is important to exercise your body to keep your immune system at a healthy level to fight off any colds, or other germs during the winter time. Do your best, and stay as mindful as you can in keeping yourself healthy in all ways.


Far Left (Bottom) Card – Opal

Guardian Angels are watching over, and protecting your children. Your prayers about children have been heard and answered at this time. The Angels are acknowledging that us humans consider our pets as our children as well. Yes, you are, and/or will be some changes, and growth occurring for your children but, just know that all of these changes and growths are being watched over by their own Guardian Angels as well. Turn over your fears and worries, and allow these Guardian Angels to come forth and “step-in” when needed.


Far Right (Bottom) Card – Bridgette

The Higher Angelic realm, along with your Guides, want to reassure you that something more positive, and better for you is coming your way. They are asking  you to keep the courage and the faith within your heart strong during the rest of this Month. Reach within your inner strength and courage to face any obstacles, and upsetting situations, by turning them over to them, release the, and allow your own inner healing to come forth.



Middle Card – Isiah

Your goals, your dreams, your desires, and your own up & coming life changes are inevitable. No need to rush anything, for this is the time of incubation, and rest. Be assured that your life changes will come forth at the right moment and time. In the meantime, know that God and the Angels are watching over you, and over all of the fine details. You are safe and very loved.



Last (Middle) Card – Archangel Gabrielle

This Archangel helps those who are involved with communication and the arts. Call upon this Archangel to help you polish and trust in your natural talents. Doors will begin to open for you to express your talents in a way that will help others as well. Archangel Gabrielle is happy to be your coach, and mentor; all you have to do is ask.



Sending You Light & Love,Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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