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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: July


Top Card – Wisdom: (Spirit Path of The East) – “Universal Law, Learning, Sharing”

This month will be full of some major intense energies and our message is all about balancing of the scales according to the Universal Law of Karma (Good or Bad). We may all experience more life lessons’, rewards, etc., tests, trials, and we will even be burning off, or paying back Karmic debt. We are to look for signs, and even opportunities that will be presenting themselves to us on a daily basis (everything & everyone we encounter are teachable moments for us), as new Teachers may be coming into our lives (this can take many forms, not just in human form). This month is all about learning, letting go of old aspects of ourselves (we have been advancing & growing spiritually rapidly), and even receiving something of value (to replace the voids left within). We are to ride the wave this month as best as we can, enjoy the ride, the lessons learned, and look forward to the new opportunities that will be before us.


Bottom Card – Experience: (Spirit Path of The West) – “Letting Go, Movement Forward, Reflection”

Spirit is asking us to lead the way, and to lead by example with our “actions” this month; more so than ever  before! We are to get serious about practicing “Letting Go” of the need to control others, and to really allow them the space to make their own choices and/or any mistakes along the way. Learning to “trust” our own life lessons, and our teachings that we have taught towards our loved ones in the past, will serve them well with their own choices. It will take great patience, and practice for us in learning to let go, and to “NOT” control others (we are to focus on our own internal growth). Learn to trust within our selves is key, and we are to reflect upon our own life lessons that we have learned along the way; this will serve us well in the near future. Our experiences, are our “Wisdom”.





Sending You Light & Love, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

Oracle Deck: Spirit of The Wheel -By: Linda Ewashing

Monthly Crystal Grid Layout

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Crystal Grid Layout for the Month of: July

“Inner Reflection/Changes & Growth”


Crystals Used:

Herkimer Diamond




Your Affirmation: I Thank You my Ancestors, my Teachers, my Guides in helping me to accept the experiences in my life, and to grow beyond my own limitations, as I move forward. May my own “actions” lead the way for the betterment for all my relations.



July  Correspondences

Crystal/Stone: Ruby, Turquoise

Animal: Woodpecker, Flicker, Salmon

Flower: Larkspur, Water Lily

Ruling Planet: Moon



 Brief info about Crystal Grids:

Crystal grids consist of healing stones placed in concise geometric arrangements in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose. The properties of the stones and crystals used, combined with their placement, creates a unique energy frequency that can be used to enhance your intention. By combining crystals and stones with Sacred Geometry, the language of the Universe, you can directly communicate with the Universal Source. In this way, your message gets through in a way that is “crystal clear”, aiding in manifesting, healing, and much more.

Sending an Abundance of Many Blessings of White Light & Love

Blessings, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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