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Monthly Crystal Grid Layout

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Monthly Crystal Grid Layout: January – 2018!

“Power from Within”



Middle (Center) Crystal – Spiralite Gemshell

Your Affirmation: Thank you our Great Father Spirit, our Creator, for reminding me that I am a powerful, limitless, and Divine Being connected to all living things. I have no fear, knowing that I am surrounded, shielded, guided, and protected by all of my ancestors and elders, as I continue to walk forward with my true self with bravery, with courage, with strength, with endurance, and with unconditional love towards myself and towards others.


Inner Crystal – Azurite

Your Affirmation: I am connected to the Divine knowledge and wisdom that is within me. I am open and receive all valuable teachings that Great Spirit offers into my life on a daily basis. I share my gifts of wisdom with others, in a loving positive way. For I am a teacher, a student, and I am thankful and grateful for these gifts in all ways.


Outer Crystal – Rainbow Moonstone

Your Affirmation: I am emotionally balanced in all ways. I release and cleanse all lower energies from within and around me. Thank you Great Father Spirit, for helping me to heal, to reflect, to go within, and to energize my being with your powerful cleansing, healing, and loving energy.





Crystal grids consist of healing stones placed in concise geometric arrangements in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose. The properties of the stones and crystals used, combined with their placement, creates a unique energy frequency that can be used to enhance your intention. By combining crystals and stones with Sacred Geometry, the language of the Universe, you can directly communicate with the Universal Source. In this way, your message gets through in a way that is “crystal clear”, aiding in manifesting, healing, and much more.

Sending an Abundance of Many Blessings of White Light & Love

Blessings, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle




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