Our Featured “In-Shop” Reader: Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

I have always been drawn to the “Spiritual Arts” since early childhood. I have been blessed and gifted with Empathic, Intuitive , and many of the Clairs! By combining my gifts, along with the useful tools of  Tarot, Angelic Oracle, Astrology, and other forms of divination; it is part of my “life purpose” to help my clients improve their lives and find their direction during their readings, and by my many other various services.
By following my own “lighted pathway”; I have diplomas in Astrology / Parapsychology, and also as a Relaxation Therapist. I am also an Ascension Reiki Practitioner, a Certified Angel Oracle Card reader, Certified Yoga Instructor and a Certified Ordained Minister/Pastor.
 I will always try my best to provide an informative and comprehensive view of what is happening within and around you, and offer a “no-nonsense” practical approach to your problems. To the services I offer, click here

As an “Intuitive” and “Empathic” reader, I deeply care about my clients however, it is very important for me to not attach myself to your issues, unless they are directly related to your reading at that time. I must create strong boundaries in order to preserve my own inner peace & energy. I often will not remember “your” last reading; so please forgive me in advance and Do Not expect me to remember. It is important that you are on time for your appointment with me, due to the high demand of my many services.

A Tarot or an Angelic reading, etc…, is rarely if ever 100% “accurate”. If you are seeking 100% accuracy, that is a very tall order for anyone to try and fill. Please keep this in mind. I Do Not make Any promises or any guarantees during your reading, nor on the “outcome” of your reading.

When the last appointment or “service” has been completed for the day, I must turn my clock and my “opened spiritual energy” off. I find it very over – whelming and very draining to leave myself, & my energies “opened” 24/7. Please, Do not text, face book, e-mail, or call me with questions regarding your last reading. If you have more questions that you may have forgotten to ask, please schedule an appointment. DO NOT just “walk-in” my business and “Demand” a reading without a “Scheduled” appointment, or show up to your “Scheduled” appointment no more than 5 mins. late (your lateness will be deducted from your “Scheduled” reading time). I have selected days scheduled for “walk-in’s” & special discount readings (please reference the Website, Face Book Business page, & or Twitter (K.N.A. – X) for these Selected, special & “scheduled” days).

When you ask the same question repeatedly to get the answer you want, the cards will get rebellious and confused, and you will not get an accurate answer or outcome. Please, keep this in mind; “we may not always receive what we want to hear”, but “what we need to hear”. Tarot or Angelic Oracle, are not “evil” nor the work of the devil. In fact, it is quite neutral and depends entirely on the intent of the reader and the client. Most readers want to help and to be of service, not harm. All readings & services are based off of “Your Own Free Will & Your Own Decisions”, I am NOT Responsible In Any Way for your financial, mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual actions/outcome prior, during, or after your reading (s). All Readings & Services are NON-REFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTION! “YOU” are required & responsible for showing up to/for your reading/service at the appointed time.

Your future belongs to you and is yours alone. Focus on “you” by showing yourself – honor, respect, compassion, patience, and love. In the end, you will realize that this was the hardest, and the most rewarding experience that you have been through during this lifetime of learning and growing. Love the life you have and the people “you allow” in it. You are in charge! We are all here to learn, to grow, love, and to experience!

Sending you Light & Love,
With an Abundance of Many Blessings!
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle