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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: July


Top Card – Gold: “Cup of Replenishment”

Last month was all about purging old habits, emotions, releasing past hurts, and just going with the flow during all of the volatile energies, and with the lessons that were presented to us, to learn, to grow and thus,  to begin to heal. This month, is all about initiations, and dissolving any left over heavy and negative energies. More wisdom, power, and Divine Light, will be entering into your being. Archangel Metatron comes forward, holding outward this Golden Cup/Chalice towards you, as an “earned” award for all of the inner work you have done, and for you continuing of being of loyal service towards others, while going through your own spiritual growth (pains, and discomforts).

This Golden Cup/Chalice will replenish your energies, bring in more Divine Power, and offers the power of protection. Drink your fill from this cup/chalice, whenever you need more energy, for you have earned every drop, and the powerful gifts contained within.



Top (Far Left) Card – Silver: “Warrior of Light”

You are being encouraged to embrace your inner warrior! The Silver Sword of Truth has been given to you for you to use during your spiritual battles against the dark and lower energies, cutting through all falsehoods, illusions, deceits, and spiritual wrong doings. You are “Not” to use this Warriors Sword to intentionally harm another; for it will be taken away. You are to use this new “Spiritual Tool” wisely, while defending yourself and others for all that is good, honest, pure, justice, and for balancing of Karma.

Archangel Metatron stands beside you every time you use this sword in battle; you are always safe and protected at all times.



Top (Far Right-Last) Card – Dimensional Gateway: “An Invitation”

The Higher Dimensional Realms, and the Beings of Light are acknowledging all of the good, the extra support, and all of the help you have given towards others. More spiritual gifts containing wisdom, love, and knowingness are being showered down upon you now. You are to walk through the “All” access of the Angelic Kingdom doorway during your meditation practices this month. For you will be attending many Galactic Universes during your mastery of many spiritual studies. Remember to recharge and rest after each journey, upon returning back to this Earth plane.






Sending You Light & Love, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

Oracle Deck: Archangel Metatron – “Self- Mastery” By: Amanda Ellis

6728 W. Morgan Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53220