Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: January

Ascended Goddess Dana – “High Priestess”

Thy Ascended Goddess Dana wants to remind you that, “you” have all of the Divine knowledge already within you. This inner knowledge can not only help you with guiding and helping yourself but, as well as sharing this gift in guiding, helping, and teaching others. Her message to you is: Whether you identify as male or female is not of any main importance to those of us in the higher realms. I have come forward to remind you that, “your” wisdom extends far back into and from ancient times. You’ve brought this knowledge forward into your current Earth plane existence, and to become a way – shower towards others.

Make and take time to research, study, and practice your passions, and express your wisdom. Call upon me if you feel that you need assistance in manifestations, or even during your spiritual teachings. I am always here to guide, assist, and communicate, all you have to do is ask. Remember to be a role model of peace, even during times of trials, and tests, for this practice also shows that you are Honoring your own inner Divinity.



About Goddess Dana 

Pronounced: DON -Nah – She is known as one of the most ancient Celtic Goddesses, extending to the pre-Gaelic times of Ireland when the Tuatha De’ Dananns (“The Children of dana”) followed and worshipped her as their Creator Mother Goddess. She is extremely powerful and magickal, and can help you with manifestation, alchemy, and Divine magick. Leave her an offerings of flowers, honey, moss, golden coins, cakes, and/or wine, to thank her for her gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and for her powerful presence.


Wishing Everyone A Safe, Happy, Healthy, Blessed, & Prosperous Holiday, & New Year’s!






Sending You Light & Love,

Spiritual Advisor – Serelle


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