Rescue Medium/Rescue Healing Lecture Series - Date: 7/8 (2nd Lecture)


Rescue Medium/Rescue Healing Lecture Series

Guest Lectures:

Jen, Psychic Medium

Spiritual Advisor - Serelle

Margot, Reiki - Master Teacher

Lady Valkyrie Crone

Ascended Gifts, LLC is honored to host this lecture series about helping trapped earth bound spirits crossover. In the 1st Lecture , we will be discussing each of our backgrounds, and our own personal experiences. We will also help you to understand the definition of Rescue Medium, Rescue Healing, and explain the different types/kinds of spirits we have all helped.

In the lectures to follow, we will talk about how we individually approach the work we are called to do with Rescue Mediumship, and help you on your path as you grow into this calling as well.

Lecture Dates & Times:

Introduction Lecture: 6/17 - Fri. - 7 pm until 9 pm

2nd Lecture: 7/8 - Fri. - 7 pm until 9 pm

3rd Lecture: 7/15 - Fri. - 7 pm until 9 pm

4th Lecture: 7/29 - Fri. - 7 pm until 9 pm

5th (Last Lecture): 8/5 - Fri. - 7 pm until 9 pm

Donation Fee: $20 (Per Person, Per Each Date/Lecture)

You are responsible for attending Any Class/Workshop. No Refunds, No Exceptions.

All Classes/Workshops are based on your own Free Will.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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