Ascended Spirit Message for the Month of: January


Top (Middle) Card – Shaman: “Trust in Highers Forces”
Learn to trust in your Angels, guides, and ancestors, for there are spiritual forces surrounding you, protecting you, and teaching you through inner guidance and messages. Take back your inner power, and learn to trust in your Higher-Self, your intuition, and in your powerful, spiritual helpers; watch the miracles unfold before you this month.

Upper (Far Left Card) – Elder: “Move Beyond Ancestral Patterns”
There is internal personal healing taking place at this time, to help you move beyond and break free of limitations set upon and before you, by family members of the past and present. Know and embrace your powerful Divine energy of your spirit, and remember to release all past hurts, allowing more healing and positive changes to occur.

Upper (Far Right) Card – Protection Guardian: “Drop Your Shields”
The Divine Angels are drawing closer to you at this time, to help you move beyond any limiting thoughts, emotions, and patterns that may be making you feel unsafe. Know that the Angelic realm of protection is swirling around you, and will help you to move forward in a more fear-less way. Call on your guides for help in changing your frequency (your energy), so you can feel safe and protected at any-time, you may need to feel more secure. You are stronger than you think, and your Angels and ancestor guides are here to help you realize this now.

Far (Bottom) Left Card- Shield Maiden: “Make Plans and Focus”
Remember to take some time to assess what your next steps will be. All great warriors have a plan. You are a sensitive being and if you are not prepared for the tasks you are or will be taking on, you could end up feeling exposed and helpless. Have a strategy in place and let your guides support you as you continue to move forward.

Far Right Bottom – Card – She – Wolf: “Unleash the Wild Within”
You are being rewild at this time; guided to reconnect with your rebellious heart, the part of you that likes to break boundaries and go beyond them completely. If you have been holding yourself back on your hopes or dreams, you’re being encouraged to chase after them now. Let the wolf energy within you, help you track down what direction you want to go in, and don’t let any traps or hunters get in the way of your freedom or your growth.

 Middle Card –  Trader: “Exchange Energy to Create Abundance”
The universe operates under the law of cause and effect, and is always looking to return to a natural state of balance. So, if you are lacking in the feelings of abundance at this time, you are being invited to share your time, your gifts, and your understanding with others. remember that the exchange of energy doesn’t necessarily mean financial energy; it can also be about supporting in order to feel supported. Allow yourself to be open, honest, and vulnerable. For this can prepare you to open up to even greater opportunities in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Last (Middle) Card –  Father Sky: “Trust the Unknown”
You have a strong connection, and a personal relationship with the Great Father, Our God, Our Creator. Know that the Great Father is loving leading you forward in all ways. You are a co-creator of your life, and every thought, feeling, intention, and emotion you have is and will create the road ahead. It is important for you to practice positive thoughts, words, and actions towards yourself and towards others in all ways. The rewards you will receive, will be and are priceless.

Additional (Far Right – Side) Top Card –  Winter: “Take Care of Your Needs”

Remember to take time out, or even schedule time weekly, to take care of your needs; inner and outer for the rest of this month, and from now on, moving forward. Nurturing, and pampering yourself is very important and self-less, to help you re-charge your energy in a loving way. How you honor, respect, treat, and love yourself, is how you will do the same for others.

Additional Card – Sage: “Be Devoted and Committed”

Devotion is a powerful energy. Right now, the Angels and ancestors want to acknowledge how committed you are to your growth.Your continued dedication to this aspect of your life has been recognized, and your understanding that you are not only a body but, also a soul is all you need to continue growing and expanding. Make a note of the experiences or the teachers making themselves known to you for the rest of this month, because you are going to share those teachings one day as well.

Sending You Light & Love,
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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