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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

By September 30, 2022 No Comments

Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: October


Top Card – Spider: “The High Priestess” – (Balance, Intuition, Secret Knowledge)


The Spider spirit comes forward to give you the message that it is time to step up & to step out onto the path of the sacred knowledge that you have been down-loaded with from all of the previous months. Your inner creativity is now ready so, all of those projects that you have been putting on the back burner, and holding off on, are now ready to be brought forth. Time to get busy and create!



Top (Far Left) Card – Raven: “The Magician” – (Alchemy, Manifestation, Willpower)


Raven Spirit wants to strut your stuff and walk forward with confidence. You are ready to fly! Manifest your dreams into reality, all limits have been lifted for you.



Top (Far Right) Card – Black Panther: “Queen of Wands” – (Intense Love of Life, Determination, Altruism)


Black Panther Spirit is helping you with self-trust, and the inner power to help you shape-shift. This is your theme, for the rest of this month. You are to practice these things during your spiritual practices and during your meditations (holding & feeling your own inner power). Just be ready to “Wow” your-self!





Last (Middle) Card – Dragon: (Ancient Wisdom, Protection, Magic)


When the Dragon Spirit shows up, it is here to remind you of the true power that you already have, and to offer its own Universal guidance. The Dragon also comes forward to lend you extra protection as you continue to explore the different universal realms, gaining even more unlimited knowledge, secrets, and wisdom from the different planes of existence within the Galactic  spheres of All Creation.





Sending You Light & Love, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

 Tarot & Oracle Deck: The Ark – Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck– By: Bernadette King


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