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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: August

Top Card – Portal to Cosmic Knowledge: “Knowledge, Wisdom, Power, Intuition, Strength, Passion”


You are being guided to use the “opened portal” unit August 12th, 2022 to access the cosmic universal knowledge into your body, mind, and spirit on a cellular level. During your meditation practices, you are to release and let go of old ideas, beliefs, all false knowledge from other’s, as you make room to embrace the Divine presence of the cosmic knowledge and wisdom from the true “Source” of all Creation. As you practice and continue to do this; embracing this energy, you will feel yourself vibrating at a higher level in all ways.


Bottom Card – The Divine Rising: “Divine Self, Awakening, Rising, Witnessing, Divine Light”


For the rest of this month, you will be given a choice to connect with the powerful and divine aspects of you own inner self. Just know that there will be challenges as your “old self” will be shedding. However, as you go with the flow, more peace, and ease will become apart of this new-self, along with greater inner strength, and understanding for oneself, as well as others. Time to break out of your own self-imposed limits and allow yourself to soar to new infinite heights of limitless potential.





Sending You Light & Love, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

Oracle Deck: Visions of The SoulBy: Kim Dreyer


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