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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

By April 30, 2021 No Comments

Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: May


Top Card – Star Seer

This month’s energy will have many winding roads, twists, and turns. This energy may even have you feeling as if you are off of your path, so to speak. You are being guided and reminded to continue to “trust” and have faith in knowing that your higher self, and that your “Guides” have bigger plans for you in the coming months. So, having “patience”, belief, and trust will be the “keys” to get you through this month; as “new opportunities” will be presenting themselves for you very soon.


Bottom Card – Soul Star Chakra

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate, and “Let Go” all that is no longer serving you: old habits, out – dated beliefs, toxic patterns, relationship issues, etc.. Focus and channel your powerful Divine Light within; bridging the gap between the spiritual and the physical realms is obtainable for you. New Spiritual, internal guidance, New Spirit Guides, teachers, and vibrational ascension, will be occurring for you, as you practice your meditations and the art of “Letting Go”, and “Effortlessly – Going with the Flow”.







Sending You Light & Love, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

Oracle Deck: Beyond Lemuria By: Izzy Ivy

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