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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: April


Thunderbird Clan – “Imminent Change, Life Force, Rebuilding”

This Spirit message represents the current energy at the highest level for this month. Connection to the Creator, and to the “Source” of all. Our Ancestors and Elders are wanting us to prepare ourselves for great personal changes, as “out-ward”, and “in-ward” situations will be moving more quickly, and may even become quite “intense” during these changes, and during our own spiritual growth. We are to “try” our best in remaining centered, grounded, balanced, calm, and to even adapt the “Go-with-the-Flow” attitude during this time of destruction of the “old”, to make room for this “new growth”.

The more we block or resist these necessary changes, the more confusion, fear based, more internal stress, we will make it for our own-selves. We are to focus on this new energy flow, to help us to ultimately create a better life that is more in-tune with our “Spiritual Gifts”, and our “Life Purpose”.



Our Prayer/Affirmation:

Great Spirit, Our Creator of All, help me to embrace these much needed changes that are necessary for my spiritual growth, and for me to live my truth. May I always’ be mindful in using this renewed and powerful energy wisely, to create a better life for myself, and towards a better world for all my relations. I Thank You Great Spirit, Our Creator for these gifts.




The Number 7 Numerical Message:

Energy magick is surrounding you and supporting you at this time, during changes, and growth. Remain and align your focus, your energy, your thoughts, with the Highest Vibrations, and most loving energies as possible. “For You Are On The Right Path”.




Sending You Light & Love, Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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