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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: October


Top (Middle) Charoite – “Spiritual Protection”

Spirit comes forth to remind and assure you that you are being protected. You may have been “feeling” that someone has been targeting you, in the form of a “psychic attack”; in which they are sending anger or jealous energy your way. You can pray aloud, or even within your mind to Archangel St. Michael, who will clear, shield, and protect you from these negative energies. You may also visualize yourself in a protective bubble of royal purple light, which is God’s Divine radiance, that only allows love to enter and exit your sphere.



Upper (Far Left Card) – Ametrine – “Balancing masculine and Feminine Energies”

Every person has both masculine and feminine energy within, and balancing them is essential for health and effectiveness for over-all wellness. Grounding, centering, meditation, and prayers can help you find your balance. You will notice that your stress levels have been reduced, you are more relaxed, and that you are more creative in moving forward with your goals by doing so.



Upper (Far Right) Card – Clear Quartz – “Let Yourself Feel All Emotions”

When we try too hard to control or deny the existence of anger, sadness, and such, we close off part of our hearts. This denial can then slowly effect our mental, emotional, and physical health. Humans “are” emotional beings, and it is “okay” for us to express and release these emotions, these feelings. We can do this safely, without harming others, in a positive way for example; engaging in creative art projects, exercise, journaling reading a book, or even by attending workshops that peak your interests, or that help you with learning to heal.


Last (Bottom) mid./Last Card – Jade – “Wellness”

Your Guardian Angels are working with you, through your own intentions, your prayers, and or, through your own self-healing practices. Your commitment to being a healer, is opening up physical and energetic avenues in your own practices, or even acts of service towards others. This month would be perfect for you to do research, skill building, and to expand the scope of your healing work. remember to follow your intuition daily.



Sending You Light & Love,Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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