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Ascended Spirit Message For the Month: May


Top (Middle) Card: Long Snows Moon

During the rest of this month, it is time for you to open -up your mind and see beyond the ordinary. To journey into other worlds and connect with the Divine, where a message of importance awaits you. Learn to make art out of everything you do by living for the present moment. The messages you receive from spirit now, feel like long lost pieces of a puzzle coming together.


Upper (Far Left Card) – Frog Clan

You will be releasing old worries, fears, and burdens from the past; clearing away the heavy emotional baggage. Your healing process will begin on all levels as you allow the flow of tears to wash away your pain and leave you feeling cleansed.


Upper (Far Right) Card – Clarity

A gentle breakthrough will be occurring in your life, as if the clouds have shifted and the sunshine is streaming through. You will begin to see how those past experiences all fit into the greater picture of your life. The wisdom gained from experience strengthens your perception. You can look toward the future with quiet confidence. Learn to trust your judgment in making decisions. Your inner vision has been restored through your acceptance of the truth at hand. A veil has been lifted and you are ready to let go of the things that have kept you from living your truth.


Far (Bottom) Left Card- Frogs Return Moon

This month is a perfect time to begin a new venture or even build upon plans already in the works. This new energy coming in, brings you the stamina, determination, and mental clarity to successfully plan, build, and create what you desire. Once you begin the process, your plans will quickly unfold. This is truly the time for planting the dream seed. remember to be flexible and accept help and valuable input along the way. Working with others will help you reach your goals faster. Channel your stubbornness into determination. Work toward your dreams with a group mind attitude. Whether that group is your family, friends, or co-workers, their love and support will help you reach your dreams.


Far Right (Bottom) Card – Thunderbird Clan

Be prepared for situations to move very quickly and to become intense. This life force energy is the spark of the Universe and the surge of power that can ultimately create or destroy. The element of fire in the Thunderbird brings change, – the burning of the old to make room for the new growth. Let this energy flow to ultimately create a better life that is more in tune with your spiritual purpose.


 Middle Card –  Ripe Berries Moon

Remember, that no matter what hardships life has recently handed you, this moon signals victory over adversity. Past issues resurface because spirit knows you are now equipped to deal with them. Truths avoided only resurface at a later time. Confront the lesson and release the burdens that stand in the way of your personal fulfillment. You are being encouraged to explore your softer feminine side, deep within, and bring your emotions to the surface. Face them with an open nurturing heart and express them with the strength and stability that you also hold within. You will find balance, and you will feel an emotional calm and be able to hear the voice of your intuition. Have the strength and courage to accept an abundant life for yourself. Set an example to others who look up to you. Owning and embracing your power, comes from accepting and creating abundance through gentle perseverance and strength of will.


Last (Middle) Card –  South

Spirit recognizes that you have reached a significant stage in your own growth. Inner transformation occurs because you have outgrown the parts of yourself that are no longer serving your higher good. You are still discovering the power of the self. The South represents the emotional maturity derived from life’s lessons. Facing your fears is never an easy task, but it is now within your power to control fear. Be gentle with yourself and feel good about where you are. Learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. Learn to trust in the Divine plan. In time, you will understand the importance of the lesson learned.


Additional (Top) Card –  Strength

You’ll be required to step forward and share your strengths with others. Now, this position may frighten you, but it is time for your strengths to be used for the higher good. You are a natural mediator and are very good at encouraging others to do well. Using your strengths requires compassion towards others and with a non-judgmental attitude. Be patient with what is unfolding in your own life. Strength requires perseverance, courage, and productivity blended with a faith in your self, and in Great Spirit’s Divine plan. Accept the responsibilities coming your way by drawing upon your inner reserve of strength. You have proven your worth on some level, or spirit would not be calling upon you now.


Additional (Middle) Card –  Stone of Self

If or when you may have any doubts about your abilities, the “Stone of Self” card serves as a reminder, that you need only look within. Recognize that your true power comes from discovering and using your potential to make a positive contribution to the world. Nurture your strengths. Recognize and appreciate what you can do when you are aligned with your true self.


Additional (Bottom) Card –  Cleansing

Time to release some of your heavy burdens and responsibilities. Cleansing also means detoxifying on every level; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Over time, burdens create negativity and fatigue, which continue to build if we do not release them and breathe our way into a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Learn to live in the moment and move along with life’s circumstances, instead of fighting them. Sometimes we cannot change the circumstances that occur within our lives, but we have control over our own reactions. let things unfold now, even if you are fearful of what lies ahead.


Additional (Last) Card –  Illumination

You have a clear and strong connection with the Divine. Your Spirit Guides and Angelic Protectors are close by and are communicating with you. They are sending you unconditional loving, peaceful energy around you now. *You Are On The Right Path*! Many more opportunities will come before you to be a builder of light and to share your knowledge of spirit with others. Remember to trust your higher-self to guide you, as you help yourself and others in a quiet, loving way. Use this powerful and protective Divine Light to connect you to the knowledge of the spiritual realm. You hold and have all inner knowing, knowledge, and wisdom within.

Sending You Light & Love,Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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