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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message for the Month: February

Top (Middle) Card: Moon -“Take Note of Intuitive Messages”

Lunar energies will be surrounding you all throughout, for the rest of this month. These powerful energies will be giving you more insight, and understanding on what may be also standing in your way, as you continue to move forward. Not everything is as it seems, and you’re being guided to use discernment. It is important to be aware, and to take “note” of any feelings arising at this time. These feelings are also messages from your soul and from your Angels. Remember; the Moon shines her light on all that has been kept in the dark, so ask yourself if you are avoiding anything or refusing to deal with something of importance? If you do feel that someone isn’t being completely real with you, know that their intentions “will be” revealed to you.


Upper (Far Left Card) – Sage: “Be Devoted and Committed”

Devotion is a powerful energy. Right now, the Angels and ancestors want to acknowledge how committed you are to your growth.Your continued dedication to this aspect of your life has been recognized, and your understanding that you are not only a body but, also a soul is all you need to continue growing and expanding. Make a note of the experiences or the teachers making themselves known to you for the rest of this month, because you are going to share those teachings one day as well.


Upper (Far Right) Card – Protection Guardian: “Drop Your Shields”
The Divine Angels are drawing closer to you at this time, to help you move beyond any limiting thoughts, emotions, and patterns that may be making you feel unsafe. Know that the Angelic realm of protection is swirling around you, and will help you to move forward in a more fear-less way. Call on your guides for help in changing your frequency (your energy), so you can feel safe and protected at any-time, you may need to feel more secure. You are stronger than you think, and your Angels and ancestor guides are here to help you realize this now.


Far (Bottom) Left Card- Fire Guardian: “Ignite Your Passions”
You are being guided by your Angels to connect with the powerful energy of desire at this time right now. If you have recently set an intention to explore your sexual side or become more sexually open, the fire of desire can burn away any old setbacks that are preventing you from expressing that part of your nature. If you are in a relationship, this message can indicate a great spiritual and sexual connection coming your way.


Far Right (Bottom) Card – Traveler: “Move in a New Direction”
The road you are on may be the road less traveled, but this journey is going to be highly beneficial for your emotional and spiritual growth. If it isn’t about covering outer distance, it’s about covering distance within, and you will be evolving every single moment of it. Remember to keep things simple and to lighten your load, because that will make your journey more enjoyable. You are also being encouraged to see how far you’ve come and how you’ve really grown as a person, because this recognition will support you in going even further. And there’s a good chance that along the way, you’ll make new friends who will become companions for a lifetime.


 Middle Card –  Drum: “Dream and Journey”
You are very connected to the other worlds at this time. The wisdom and intelligence of the earth and her magic surrounds you. The Drum, which echoes the sound of Mother Earth’s heartbeat, has cleared the cobwebs and dust from your inner vision. What you have seen in your dreams and inner visions is not imagination but, guidance, particularly if it has been coming to you repeatedly, and has the potential to become reality. Dreams come true -, Know it and live it!


Last (Middle) Card –  High Priest: “Intent and Create”
You are a bridge between Heaven and Earth, and it’s important for you to know that you are more powerful and connected than you may think. Everything you are giving attention and energy too, at this time is creating your way forward. There have been some setbacks, but accept these as experiences that have led you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your spirit. Know that you are being guided by the Ancestors to direct your thoughts and energies towards what you want to grow, heal, and expand – ; and then watch it happen, right before your eyes.

Sending You Light & Love,Spiritual Advisor – Serelle

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