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Monthly Ascended Spirit Message

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Ascended Spirit Message for: September


Top Middle Card: Purity – Spirit Path of the North


Your inner child is longing for the days when responsibilities were few and your heart was free to dream and play. Spirit is wanting you to take a break from the complexities of life, and recognize your inner child. Returning to the state of innocence is necessary for us to purify and nurture our inner child. For it is through embracing life fully that we are able to begin to recover what has been lost.


Your Prayer: Help me Great Spirit, to learn to honor myself. Let me see the world through the eyes of my inner child, and to recapture the wonder and innocence that can set my heart free.


Top Far Left Card: Cleansing – Spirit Path of the North


This is a time to release some of your heavy burdens and responsibilities. Cleansing means detoxifying on every level: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Over time, burdens create negativity and fatigue., which can continue to build if we do not release them and breathe our way into a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Respect and nurture yourself by setting your own personal boundaries. This means helping others only when you are not sacrificing yourself in the process.
Your Prayer: I open my mind, body, and spirit to the cleansing I need. Through the release of my burdens I am more open to the love and support of myself, and others.


Top Far Upper Right Card: Clarity- Spirit Path of the East


There is often a reason the truth is hidden from our view. We may not have been ready to face it, or believe it before now. As confusion fades, you are able to see the whole picture. With your mind clearer, you open the way to begin anew. Trust your judgement in making decisions. Your inner vision has been restored through your acceptance of the truth at hand.
Your Prayer: I thank you for the daily clarity that is returning to my life. Because of this recent breakthrough, I can feel my trust and confidence growing. I am ready now to embrace this new found truth.


Bottom Far Left Card: Introspection- Spirit Path of the West


Remember, as you journey within, close off all the noise and interference of your outer world. Within this sacred space, you are able to connect with your higher self, and feel the oneness of spirit that will bring unity back into your life. From a place of balance and solitude, your true nature and potential will reveal itself. Pursue your dreams with the faith and trust that what you aspire to create comes from a higher vision, not from someone else’s expectations.
Your Prayer: As I take the time now to gain some perspective within myself, I ask for your guidance, Great Spirit, to help me to experience the oneness of spirit that will ultimately bring unity into my life.


Bottom Far Right Card: Love- Spirit Path of the South
Love has often been compared to a miracle. The power of love has been known to heal even the deepest wounds, and to give people the power to accomplish amazing things.
Your Prayer: As I begin the gentle process of opening my heart to others around me, guide me, Great Spirit, so that I may learn to love unconditionally and experience the greatest miracle of life.


Middle Center Card: Illumination- Spirit Path of the East


Your spirit guides and angelic protectors are close by and are communicating with you. They are giving you their approval and assurance that you are on the right path. Opportunities will come for you to be a builder of light, and to share your knowledge of spirit with others. Trust your higher self to guide you as you help yourself and others. Use the Divine Light to connect you to the knowledge and the protection of the spiritual realm as you move forward in doing so.
Your Prayer: Great Spirit, I feel safe and content in knowing my spiritual guides are with me. I keep myself open to the flow of the Divine Life Force that surrounds me. Let me assist others where I can and feel blessed by this heavenly energy.
Bottom Middle Card: Corn Planting Moon


Whenever you feel that your emotions are over-whelming you, remember to slow down, take a deep breath, and think through the consequences before you speak, or re-act with negative emotions and energy. For this will only add more negativity to the situation, prolonging it’s resolve.
Your Prayer: Great Spirit, help to channel my energies in a healthy, positive, and balanced manner, remembering to be gentle with myself and others along the way.


Additional  Cards: North (Waboose)


A time of great knowledge is upon you. You will have a newfound sense of purpose and inner confidence about yourself and your abilities. Your connection to the Divine continues to grow and the spiritual aspects of your life take on new meaning. This state of enlightenment takes on the colors of the rainbow warrior. Learn and accept the difference between receiving information and receiving true wisdom.
Your Prayer: Spirit Powers of the North, let me recognize the wisdom and the honor of touching the sacred space. Help me to have the courage and conviction to wear the colors of the rainbow warrior. Purify my body, mind, and spirit through my connection to the Creator.


Additional  Cards: Father Sun


A period of active growth is around and within you now. A time of setting boundaries, being assertive, and making direct changes are all part of your personal and spiritual growth. Now is the time to set, and work towards your goals.
Your Prayer: Help me, Great Spirit, to recognize my own inner light, so that I may project positive loving energy out into the world, and work towards achieving my goals with clear direction.



May an Abundance of Many Blessings shower down upon you;
Spiritual Advisor – Serelle


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